Meet Bron.

Hi Beautiful!

To my boys, I am Mum and my husband, I am Bubby. To my friends and family I'm Bronwyn, but you'd most likely know me as the Everyday.Fifo.Wife.

I'm a #BizBabe who likes to rise before the sun, a recent CrossFit convert and an #AnxietyWarrior. I've also only just discovered that I am like, literally obsessed with Avocados. Side note: Is it weird that it took me 29 years to have my first taste?! Anyway, some might say I'm a bit of an oversharer but honestly, sharing my experiences is what I do best. In fact, this whole E.F.W. journey started simply from sharing. And talking. I'm also really, really good at talking.

What began as a goal to beat my PCOS diagnosis and resulting fertility struggles, has now turned into this! A little over 12 months on, and here I am, writing the 'About Me' section of my website; a place dedicated to sharing my journey of health, wellness and mental wellbeing, all while riding the highs and lows of FIFO life.

I am blown away and incredibly humbled that just by being open and honest about my own experiences, I have had the privilege of connecting with thousands of you. Some of you share a similar path to mine, whether that be anxiety, infertility or positive body image. And some of you are just really, really, REALLY interested in digestive parasites and love seeing what out-of-the-box idea I'll come up with next!

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I am absolutely in no way a writer. I'm just a girl who has a lot to say with fingers that can't always keep up! So if you see a mistake here or there, try to turn a blind eye. I like to think that it's just me being unique or something?!

Anyway Bron, let's wrap this up! I cannot wait to see where my blogging journey takes us. It's true what they say - your vibe really does attract your tribe, and I am so excited that you are coming along for the ride!